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In addition to being able to call any foreign country from your CNS PIC'd telephone lines, CNS also offers data network services, such as point to point private lines and MPLS connections. CNS, through our major carrier networks, offers full duplex, dedicated, digital private lines to more than 100 countries at capacities ranging from 2MB-5MB.

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Network Design

CNS provides the expertise to evaluate our customers' voice and data networks along with their current and future communications requirements, to determine the most efficient and economical custom network solution available. For complex networks requiring data communication links between customer locations along with Internet access and T-1 based local and long distance rates, CNS will bring in one of our 'business partners' who can provide the necessary equipment and software to best utilize the network services provided by CNS. CNS, along with our partners, will present alternative network solutions, both carrier options (Verizon, Windstream, CenturyLink, etc.) and service options (MPLS, private lines, Internet T-1s, integrated T-1s, etc.) and will make recommendations as to the best network solution for each customer. There is no cost for CNS's network analysis or design recommendations.

CNS suports Windows NT and Novell Networks including DHCP, DNS, and WINS.

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Web and E-Mail Hosting

CNS is now hosting several of our customer’s websites at our facilities. We are not designing or creating websites at this time, but we have companies who we are partnering with who can design and create websites for our customers.

CNS provides E-Mail Hosting for many of our customers. CNS also provides a front end Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus services. This service also allows for data back-up / spooling when customer equipment or circuits are malfunctioning. All quarantined email can be viewed via a web browser. The ability to whitelist and blacklist users/domains of a user level and/or domain level. As a front end service, users appreciate having circuits uncluttered with spam. In conjunction with the E-Mail hosting, CNS backs up / archives all user email, a snapshot daily, to an offsite premise for a period of time. This data can be recovered as needed; i.e.: a specific email, an entire mail box, etc. Specific requirements can be tailored to your needs.

Some of the functionalities of the E-Mail Server are:
      •Mailing List
      •Web Mail Supporting all Browsers
      •Ability to Synchronize Outlook’s Contacts and Calendar to your iPhone and Android
      Smartphone using Outlook Connector and ActiveSync
      •Support for BlackBerry Smartphone
      •Ability to Forward mail to any user’s email address; i.e.: to, etc.
      •Company Admin can add/change/delete users
      •Unlimited number of aliases
      •Variable Mail Box Size / Quota

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Managed Services

Offload IT Management by utilizing the experienced team at CNS. CNS provides remote monitoring (of servers, networks, and desktops), managed protection (AV, spyware, patching, and perimeter security), as well as Mail filtering and message continuity.

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