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Traditional Voice Services

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Local and Long Distance

CNS offers Local T-1 services, new or pre-existing telephone numbers, including DID number ranges and other business services. Various pricing options are available depending on the specific requirements of each customer.

CNS offers both Switched Access and Dedicated Access for Long Distance Services. There are several different rate schedules depending on the type of access and the type of call. Dedicated access / T-1 originated or terminated (toll-free number) calls are typically .01 - .02 cents per minute less than switched access calls. To view a state schedule select a state:

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Business Lines

CNS provides business lines with direct access to local regional, long distance, and international services. These lines can be used for voice, fax, and/or data.

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CNS utilizes MettTel services to provide Centrex Services, which are PBX-like in functionality and allow you to tailor a system with a suite of advanced central office-based data and voice communications services and features. Fully integrated digital technology can be used for virtually any communication task.

Standard functions include:

          • Call Waiting
          • Call Hold
          • Call Forwarding
          • Direct Inward Dialing
          • Hunting
          • Intercom
          • Last Number Redial
          • Distinctive Ringing, and more

Centrex is an ideal service for new companies who need a feature-rich communication system that is advanced and flexible so that it will grow with the company.

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PBX Trunks

With PBX Trunks your company can route all of their calls through a single trunk group, while each employee can have a unique telephone number. This service also eliminates the need for dedicated lines for each employee, and are more efficient.

There are different types of PBX Services that CNS can offer which include:

          • PBX DID (Direct Inward Dialing) Trunks: Each employee will receive calls
           directly from the public network; without attendant assistance.
          • PBX DOD (Direct Outward Dialing) Trunks: Each individual can dial outside
           numbers from their own phone without attendant assistance.
          • PBX Combination Trunks: Allow inbound and outbound calls. Outside lines can be
           dialed directly while incoming calls are through an attendant.
          • PBX Direct Incoming Trunks: Inbound calls reach your attendant, automatic or live,
           and then callers are transferred to desired employee.

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Toll Free

Toll free services are telephone numbers with the (800), (888), (877), (866), and (855) exchanges. When a toll-free number is dialed, the call is handed off from the Local Telephone Company to the toll free recipient's long distance carrier. The owner, or recipient of these toll-free calls is billed for each minute the toll-free number is used at the recipient's rate from each carrier. These calls are free to the caller. Toll-Free calls may terminate on a company's local telephone number, which would be a switched access call and billed as such, or it may terminate on a company's T-1, which is a dedicated access call, and would be billed at the lower dedicated access rate.

CNS standard toll-free numbers can be called from all (50) states, Canada and the United States Virgin Islands. CNS also offers International Toll-Free Service (ITFS).

CNS also offers enhanced features on its toll-free services which include Dialed Number Identification Service (DNIS), ANI Delivery, as well as various routing options. Each toll-free number can be routed to two or more locations based on various parameters.

These routing options include:

  • Time of Day Routing - the toll-free number is routed to different local telephone numbers of  T-1s depending on the time of day.
  • Day of the Week Routing - the toll free number is routed to different local telephone numbers or T-1s depending on the day of the week.
  • Geographical Routing - the toll-free number is routed to different local telephone numbers or T-1s depending on where the call originates from (by state or area code).
  • Call Area Selection - the toll-free number  can be blocked from certain areas (by state, area code or exchange)
  • Message Referral - the toll free number is forwarded to a recording (up to 6 months) that informs callers that the toll-free number has been disconnected or refers callers to the new number.
  • Route Completion - toll-free numbers that terminate on a T-1 may overflow to a secondary telephone number or T-1 if the primary T-1 is busy.
  • Percent Allocation - the toll-free number is routed to two or more telephone numbers or T-1s based on customer-specified percentages.

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A PRI utilizes a T-1 and provides (23) simultaneous voice paths or (B) channels plus (1) signaling (D) channel. CNS will help you connect your digital PBX directly to one of our carriers' voice networks over (1) or multiple PRI lines. A PRI can support all voice services provided by more traditional voice services.

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